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Sony Z Screen Replacement$95
Sony Z1 Screen Replacement$100
Sony Z1 Mini Screen Replacement$100
Sony Z2 Screen Replacement$110
Sony Z3 Screen Replacement$110
Sony Z3 Compact Screen Replacement$105
Sony Z 3/4 Plus Screen Replacement$100
Sony Z5 Screen Replacement$105
Sony Z5 Compact Screen Replacement$105
Sony Z5 Premium Screen Replacement$110
Sony M4 Aqua Screen Replacement$100
Sony M5 Screen Replacement$105
Sony C3 Screen Replacement$100
Sony C5 Screen Replacement$150
Sony Z Ultra Screen Replacement$115
Sony X Screen Replacement$115
Sony X Performance Screen Replacement$115
Sony X Compact Screen Replacement$115
Sony XA Screen Replacement$100
Sony XA1 Screen Replacement$110
Sony XA2 Screen Replacement$130
Sony XA1 Ultra Screen Replacement$125
Sony XZ Screen Replacement$130
Sony XZ Premium Screen Replacement$150
Sony Z Tablet Screen Replacement$150
Sony Z2 Tablet Screen Replacement$170
Sony Z4 Tablet Screen Replacement$250

From Smartphones to Tablets of all brands & Laptops, iMacs or Desktop PC’s of various brands. We fix all types of problems.

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